Lawyer1Marketing [2013]

A firm with over 10 years experience working with lawyers in the internet marketing world.

My first job in Chow Communications, after graduating in BCIT, was designing a new logotype and a new website for a law firm marketing corporationbased in Southern California. The challenge for this jobs was demonstrates thought towards conception and composition in order to design a better appearence for the company. The new logotype was created in order to convey modernity, strength and elegance in the online media. More specifically, the Lawyer1Marketing now shows that the company has a strong capacity to boost the digital marketing of its customers.

The Lawyer1Marketing website is now clean, soft and pleasant. The site tends to attract new prospects, new subscriptions for the newsletter, and make users to contact Lawyer1Marketing faster. All the development process started with roughs, wireframes, sitemap and a design brief. This work received many compliments and is currently under coding and programming process.

Website; Interface Design; Information Architecture; Responsive; Brand; Design Brief;

Caio Ferrari Web Design PortfolioCaio Ferrari Web Design Portfolio


Caio Ferrari Web Design Portfolio