Eco Points [2012]

Being green is funner now!

For this BCIT project, we were asked to design a webpage in order to demonstrate human factors capabilities. I designed a home page and a landing page which contains elements that persuade and convey credibility to the user.

The Eco Points is a project that encourage people to recycle and take care of the environment. People who join the Eco Points accumulate points when recycle, use bicycles or public transportation which can be exchanged by benefits. I designed the logotype using a drawing of a tree that can assemble the letters E and P. Moreover, the colours green and brown matches the style. The visual guide, clean and light, was used to design the web page content.

** Personal project. Non-commercial use

Website; Interface Design; Information Architecture; Branding; Responsive; HTML5; CSS3;

Caio Ferrari Web Design PortfolioCaio Ferrari Web Design Portfolio


Caio Ferrari Web Design Portfolio